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Today is a snow day!
Hope everyone else stays warm and safe
and those with better weather
enjoys it.
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TITLE: All Our Mixes
FANDOM: Gravity Falls
SUBJECT: Gravity Falls

NOTES: Pfft, this is what I get for copying and pasting formats. Anyways, I made this mix because I love the Gravity Falls theme song and all of the remixes that people have made of it, and other music inspired by it. I can listen to this for hours and might even make a second volume of this with newer works or ones I didn't include here. Either way, enjoy!

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A few years back to help my best friend and I figure out where we were going to go while over seas, I made a table where we could see what we were doing day by day. It was a little easier for me to grasp concepts like travel times and things when I could see it visually and my friend kept sighing over how pretty it was. Once again, we're planning another trip for next year (if nothing happens that makes us cancel it) and I am using the table to help us plan it all out. Since it's so useful for me, and can be used for anything, I thought maybe someone else could put it to good use!

Entirely customizable, you can change the colors, the format, the fonts, widths and heights, and whatever else might suit your needs.


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the sunrise on mars ♛

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?”