Feb. 12th, 2015

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Have I told anyone how much I love winter? I love winter.

There you go.

I have always loved Jack Frost too—even before Rise of the Guardians came out. Who here ever watched the stop-motion animation movie “Jack Frost” that still comes on ABC Family every Christmas? Or the one Russian movie based off of the old folk tale about two stepsisters meeting him in the woods? Okay, this shows how old I am. Anyways, I recently got into the fandom again and could not help but make tons of icons and some banners and plurk icons and other things…

Credit for all of the artwork is at the bottom since none of them are screencaps.


[001-090] Jack Frost icons (fanart)
[001-020] Jack Frost banners (fanart)
[001-020] Jack Frost plurk icons (fanart)

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